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Jerry Perez became a culinary chef back in 1979.  He started his career in Los Angeles, dazzling the likes of Arnold Palmer, John Fogerty, Victoria Principal, Michael Keaton, and several other members of Hollywood's elite.  Nancy Reagan personally selected Jerry to prepare culinary art at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library for visiting dignitaries.  Jerry has enjoyed many successes in his career and desired to assist other restaurateurs with their projects.  With that being said, Chef Perez moved to Las Vegas in 1998 and began his new career as a bar and 

restaurant design consultant. 

Chef Perez became very successful which lead, Jerry and he's wife Brenda, to open 
Ace Bar & Restaurant Equipment & Supplies in 2006 building it to a 30.000 sq.foot. warehouse/showroom selling new and "gently" used kitchen and bar equipment, by doing so we were able to save our customers a ton of money.  We are able to design a restaurant or bar that evokes beautiful designs and functions the way you dreamed.  Your restaurant is your passion, when we take on your project, it becomes ours as well.  We will work tirelessly to take your vision and make it a reality.